Keeping Up With the Candy Man

Dreams do come true, or at least mine do. News broke that Khloe Kardashian has recently become engaged to Lamar Odom. What more could I ask for than a reason to bring the Kardashian sisters into this blog that focuses on basketball?

The couple have been dating for less than a month at this point, so you know its going to last. Exactly why Lamar has decided to get this committed could easily be explained if he had a desire to land himself a television series on E!, but is more perplexing otherwise.

The actual impact that this could have on the court is even more of a question mark than the actual relationship. Some analysts preach the virtues of an athlete settling down and the settling impact it has on the player’s performance (Tiger after Major regaining glory). Others view these public relationships as a detriment to the play (Tiger pre-Major regaining glory, Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson, Tom Brady and Gisele).

If there is anything certain about Lamar Odom’s game it is that it is almost always uncertain. Many have complained that he doesn’t fulfill his potential on a nightly basis, the way a Kobe or LeBron or Wade does. Some games, he is an unstoppable force that can fulfill any role on the court. Other games, he play is apathetic and is a sore sight for fans.

So the question bubbles to the top: does this impending marriage settle his game or make it even tipsier than before? Well, it is far too soon to accurately determine whether or not his play will even be impacted at all. But, if Khloe’s heritage is any indication, Lamar is in for some hurting. Her famous sister, Kim, had a very public romance with NFL running back and super hyped Reggie Bush until a very recent breakup. Her presence wasn’t exactly helpful for Reggie as he has fought off injuries and doubt surrounding his copious talents, with his relationship under constant scrutiny in addition to on the field troubles.

Now, Lamar Odom, as stated above, isn’t exactly solid as a rock on a nightly basis. His play fluctuates more than Khloe Kardashian’s actual celebrity status (is she really a celebrity?) without a wedding ring, so how could it get any worse or better? The question is what is more likely, that Lamar balances his play, or that his play has more peaks and valleys than the midwestern United States. I would side with him balancing his play, just because I want to see Lamar succeed and fulfill his vast potential.

To wrap it up, I would like to extend a sincere good luck to Lamar and Khloe with their impending marriage (which is rumored to be Sunday). In this crazy, mixed up world of high divorce rates and unsatisfying marriages, I hope yours defies the odds and becomes things that fairy-tales are made of.


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