The Future Is Here


Boy is Cupid on a hot streak. His most recent pairing could be Kurt Rambis and the Minnesota Timberwolves. Aside from overtly trying to receive some government intervention because of their insane actions, the Wolves have been on a league-wide scavenger hunt for the next coach to try and right the wayward ship. Mostly remembered for his playing days with the Los Angeles Lakers during the Magic days, his hustle and glasses garnered much fanfare.

Most recently, Rambis has been spotted on the Lakers bench, being the assistant coach to Phil Jackson’s dynamic team. He is reportedly the heir apparent for Los Angeles for whenever Phil decides to hang up the clipboard and pass on his wisdom of the Triangle offense. But you never pass up a chance to be a head coach if you aren’t guaranteed to get another job. Who truly knows when Phil is going to finally walk away, and in what condition will the Lakers be in when he does? The Timberwolves are certainly not the ideal situation for Rambis to sink his teeth into, but what other options does he have?

This along with the Ricky Rubio situation has created quite the motley of troubles in the twin cities. Ricky continues his foolish holdout after being selected with the 5th pick in the draft, right before Minnesota selected fellow point guard Johnny Flynn out of Syracuse. The unproven Spaniard has refused to sign with Minnesota with varying reasons from his unhappiness of having to compete for a starting spot to not being in a large enough market for his untested talent.


I am quickly growing tired of Ricky Rubio and his infantile antics. However, I am in full support of the idea of Ricky Rubio, the flash of a young Steve Nash, the panache of Pistol Pete, all in a European product who cares more about passing than he does scoring. I am always in favor of making the NBA more exciting to watch. But he plays against mediocre competition compared to the Association and he struggles to play defense or score consistently. And even if he is a frequently great passer, we have more of those than in the barren years of past. He essentially will play the same role as a much more hyped Jason “White Chocolate” Williams with Jonas brother hair.

Rubio belongs in New York City. His success or failure just seems more fitting if he is playing in the Big Apple, major expectations for a hyped entity that represents more than just him. If Rubio miraculously was moved to New York and put under the guidance of D’Antoni he would have a greater potential to develop into a less offensively potent Steve Nash. The system fits him perfectly, constant fast breaking  with little attention paid to defense.

In other news, Rashard Lewis is suspended for the first ten games of the season for testing positive for high levels of testosterone. You have probably already heard about this and formulated your own opinion on whether it had a significant impact on the game or not, or if he did it on purpose or accident. Regardless, its not like Rashard is banging in the paint fighting for the rebound against superior beasts. He makes his living outside of the arc with clutch shooting and a barrage of buckets during the course of a season.



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