We Never Change

I glanced at ESPN.com and found this very interesting article. In it, Ray Allen points out the obvious (at least for me) that the voting in the All-Star game needs to be changed. Perhaps not radically, but a change is definitely needed. How can both Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady both be starters for their respective squads? Neither has been anywhere near productive, let alone All-Star caliber. And McGrady hasn’t even played in 5 games yet has a slight edge over Steve Nash, who is a more than legitimate MVP candidate.

I am not too foolish to not see Larry Brown’s point in this case. If this is indeed AI’s last season then I totally believe he should be in the All-Star game. That is not the point. It would just be nice to see a deserving player be rewarded instead of the fan favorite all the time.

Is Ray Allen not one of the top 3 ambassadors for the NBA right now along with Nash and Tim Duncan? Who else would you want to represent your league other than those guys? LeBron may be well-spoken and put together, but he is no Ray Allen. Kobe comes close, but again, he is no Ray.

My favorite thing about this is that Ray has no selfish alternative reason to get involved in this dispute. He certainly wouldn’t gain an All-Star appearance if it were left up to the coaches and players, right? So then he is just doing this because he feels passionate about this subject for no other reason other than it is clearly the incorrect way of doing things. This isn’t a social injustice or anything bordering on serious, but it does matter for a select group of people, so it does have some weight. Especially for those of us who care about who is and who isn’t an All-Star.


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