Comfort and Coaching

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Believe me, I really want the Suns to win. But, one game doesn’t shift this series. The same things that were said about the Lakers are still true, even if not for one night. Can the Suns win game 4? Yes. Game 5? Maybe. I just don’t know. The Lakers were still well in this game despite Amar’e going into that mode that makes you think he deserves a Max deal.

He got 11 rebounds, which might be more impressive than his 42 points. Sure, Skip Bayless might still have believed the Suns were going to still win this series, but everyone else was counting the days until there was a LA-Boston rematch.

I don’t like overreaction to one game. If you think that LA is clearly the dominant team, which they appeared to be, don’t try to craft this into a series now that Phoenix played up to some of their potential. Yeah, they have more in the tank. Their bench was not playing like they may need in the upcoming games and Channing Frye seems beyond not ready for this stage.

This was Phoenix saying that they weren’t going to just shrivel up and die. They are too good and cohesive for that. However, claiming any sort of momentum is a stretch. But, it did make me joyous. Well, that and the Lost finale.

I watched the Lost finale and every time I flipped channels during commercials, I saw Amar’e driving to the basket like he was the first two series, only with more determination. Robin Lopez was effective, very much so. Jason Richardson hit clutch threes. And they played zone.

What? Why is everyone surprised that a zone was somewhat effective against a team that relies at times on big men and not outside shooting? That is the point of the zone, plus it can also hide weak defensive players so as not to isolate them against a player of the caliber of say, Kobe Bryant.

Oh yeah, Steve Nash had his nose broken by Fisher’s dome. And it didn’t bleed! That is why he is my favorite player. Well, his play also helps. The key stat to Nash’s game is almost always the turnovers, unless he goes on shooting spree and drops Amar’e-type numbers. He had one, which is highly unusual for Nash who is constantly trying to move the ball and set up teammates in the narrowest of spaces.

Is this a series? Yes, of course. It’s easy to say that now after the Suns played well. But, I have a suspicion that going back to LA will do wonders for the Lakers, and they will probably play much better in game 4. Although, Kobe and Pau played very well and LA still couldn’t get much done. I desperately want Phoenix to win and every victory is pure enlightenment, so I hope they can get on a hot streak here. But I think that LA is too good at this point, unless Bynum continues to be limited.

To make the point clear, I don’t know what will happen. It is one of those heart/head debates. I want Phoenix to win, but I think LA will win. So, I will pick Phoenix.


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