Observations on the Utah/Cleveland Game


We got a front row seat right here on the couch

Its Saturday night and there is basketball in Cleveland.

The Champ and the Franchise are here as the Jazz try to end Cleveland’s streak of 3 wins in a row.

We love the Cavs’ pregame introduction video.

“That was intense” – The Franchise, referring to the line above.

The Champ thinks it is good for Shaquille O’Neal to get some rest.

1st Half:

3-3 Cavs take an early 6-0 lead. The Champ feels they are really trying to run the offense through JJ Hickson.

Mo Williams drives, scores, and gets the And-1.

Anthony Parker 58% outside the line this season!? Unreal as he hits a three.

LeBron is on fire, what else is new. Mehmet Okur misses a jumper.

Good Pass LeBron – The Franchise, as Mo Williams scores easily.

Varejao is in and he makes the shot that he should make off of a LeBron assist.

JJ Hickson to the hoop!


The Champ really enjoys "Crush the Castle" thanks Custodian.

Hickson beats the clock with a put-in. The Franchise loves it when the Cavs score 34 points in the first quarter.

Jamario Moon plays well when the team plays well, the consensus is.

Moon hits a three, scoring the Cavs last 5 points.

Make that 8 points!!!! Austin Carr loves it.

Cavs 43 Jazz 28

Moon now has a “Man’s Rebound”

Jamario’s looking cold now, we should sit him.

Hickson is fouled, couldn’t quite get it in.


Beast in College, Beast in the Pros.

LeBron throws it over Z’s head, that must have been a high pass.

Mo Williams hits a three!

Utah came back in the second quarter cutting the defecit to 5, as Cleveland leads 59-53.

2nd Half:

LeBron sets the pace with a quick layup.

Boozer draws the foul and looks for the And-1.

Parker draws a foul and Mo Williams hits a long jumper.

The Champ calls the three second violation before the refs do.

LeBron blocks Boozer, Boozer gets upset, while LeBron can’t handle the pass from Z.

The threat is over until recently two men that look a lot like this:


only there were two of them

Now The Franchise can’t find his phone.

LeBron finds JJ, but he loses the ball.

Daniel Gibson, catches, fumbles, shoots and can’t score.

LeBron James does what he does best, runs down the court, draws the foul and scores.

The Champ can’t believe the score is this close, Cavs up by 6, 78-72 Cleveland.


keep on crushin'

Somehow, in a weird possession, Jamario Moon absolutely palms the basketball to send it blazing back to halfcourt.

Z draws the foul.

Daniel Gibson’s latest haircut is actually really impressive.

Mehmet Okur, who has a ring with the Pistons, hits the foul shot.

Mo Williams is pure.

JJ Hickson monster dunk, he can get up there too.

LeBron was fouled, makes the first of two, and the second.

LeBron misses a very long 3 pointer.


LeBron's had kind of a quiet night.

 The Cavs have gone without a field goal for three minutes, the Jazz cut the defecit to three.


We are kind of divided on this commercial. Yeah we don't know.

Mo misses the driving reverse layup, the Cavs need a defensive stop.

Anthony Parker guns a three pointer to put the Cavs up by two.

Mehmet Okur tips it in.

LeBron draws a foul, easily.

“Thats like a tractor running over a five year old” – The Franchise.

LeBron hits one of the two.

LeBron JAMES scores AND draws the foul.

Makes the foul shot, Utah now has some decisions to make where the Cavs lead 103-101.

Andrei Kirilenko panicked and took a three pointer and horribly overshoots.

LeBron James picks up the slack and makes both free throws.

Austin Carr hates Kirilenko.

The Jazz foul LeBron again with 9.9 seconds to go.


"Championship teams finish ballgames" - Austin Carr

Mehmet Okur misses the three ball but LeBron James comes down with the rebound.

LeBron, fouled obviously, hits the first misses the second, game over.




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