Don’t See No Fat Lady

That was what Shawn Marion had to say about the Mavs’ chances going into game 5 in Dallas. Not exactly the stuff of legend, not a guarantee, not a mission statement. However, he is right.

Whether or not this is the rallying battle cry for the Dallas Mavericks is yet to be determined, however they have disappointed significant chunks of basketball fandom. Shawn Marion isn’t the missing link for the Mavericks, still the misfit forward who can do a lot of things but no longer like he used to.

They don’t have a missing link, they are simply an isolated, stranded case of a basketball team. They have been constructed mainly through free agency, Mark Cuban playing the role of Dr. Frankenstein with the lone original piece Dirk as the torso. Dallas was and is talented enough to win this series, but the Spurs are playing like they know they don’t have many more postseasons left.

But the Mavericks don’t either. Age is the overwhelming factor in this series, both heavily stacked with postseason vets who have the ultimate goal in their minds. The Mavericks went all in this season, securing Caron and Brendan for Josh Howard in a deal meant to give Dallas “extra” scoring and inside toughness. Well, it is far too early to write the experiment off as failed, but this season seems lost.

But now, with their backs really up against the wall, can the Mavericks pull out a basketball miracle?

Well, I don’t see no fat lady.


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