Chunky Monkey

The most important observation of the night was made by the Champ and confirmed by the Octagon: Glen Davis resembles Chunky Kong (see: above). I’m not sure of the racial implications or the actual intent of the comparison, but it is what it is.

Which leads to Glen Davis (not the racial overtones, the resembling part), who, along with little Nate, may have rescued Boston’s season. Huge minutes, huge numbers, huge effort, huge amounts of saliva pouring from his spewing, gaping mouth. Hustle plays, unexpected rebounds, distant stares, all in a night’s work.

Nate made Rajon expendable, even if only for a little under a quarter. Rasheed did that thing he does, which is explode over foul calls, make big shots, defend well, and corrupt virgin ears with one of his swearing tirades. Tony Allen was effective, I guess.

Is it just me, or does Boston seem to play the same games in every series? For at least one game a series, Ray Allen will go off and have a huge game in a win (LA this year, Chicago last year). In another, Rondo completely dominates the game (at least every series since last season). Another, the bench comes up huge (this game, at least one game against Cleveland). And another, either Garnett resembles his former self (multiple times, including a game 3 loss that could have been a win fairly easily) or Pierce plays up to what he has the clout of being (maybe Miami, but he isn’t the same this series).

The man known as Kobe played extremely well, except for a pass near the end that Rajon Rondo made disappear while driving to an easy layup. He, Kobe, hit clutch shots, tough shots, great shots, and needed shots. He had no help besides Pau, which reads like the same plotline that is ever present since the trade three seasons ago.

I wasn’t as upset as some in the Champ’s basement about the Lakers’ loss. I just wanted a good game, which this was.

This series always had the flavor of a seven gamer, and this is how it must play out. Back-and-forth they go, each game gets a bit more physical and tensions grow and relations are strained. Surprising would not be the word to describe this game or the fact that this series is going at least six. Its much closer to expected, even welcomed would perform well.

To be fair, it seems that Boston is struggling just to beat Los Angeles. I just can’t envision a scenario in which Boston will be able to beat LA. The Lakers played terrible besides two players, and they still had a reasonable chance to win in the fourth quarter. To see the Celtics win two of the next three, with two in LA, wouldn’t be shocking in that it is mind-blowing and out of nowhere, but it wouldn’t be fitting into the mold of this series.


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