Another April Fools’ Letter to Our Readers

Dear Readers of Paints in the Point,

Admittedly, the new site format was rolled out a bit too soon. The color scheme was met with discontent from The Champ, so we’ve decided to ramp back our conversion process for a little while as we resolve the in-fighting amongst the Paints Dudes (though this moniker we’ve given ourselves will eventually change).

As you may have already realized, we are going to make a much slower transition, using our old template, but with a new header. When we make the jump between domain names in August, we will have a new layout that is more consistent with the “Ponies in the Point” brand.

Thanks for your continued patience. As always, feedback about anything PITP-related (“PITP” both representing “Paints in the Point” and “Ponies in the Point”) is greatly appreciated. Feel free to use the contact links above to voice your concerns, or submit comments to this post.


The Paints Dudes

The Champ, The Custodian, The Franchise, The Freelancer, The Ivy Leaguer, The Octagon


One Response to Another April Fools’ Letter to Our Readers

  1. […] image that sickened many of our viewers. Simply put, it was an April Fools’ Day prank gone […]

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