Champ’s Power Rankings: Week 2



Week Two showed the Beast in Chris Paul, however the Hornets still struggled.


lal1. Los Angeles Lakers: The Lakers played without Bynum and Gasol last night and still resulted in victory. The Lakers are the top dogs in the league right now. No questions about it. Lamar Odum also translated well into his role on Keeping up with the Kardashians.

bos2. Boston Celtics: A slip up against the now formidable Phoenix Suns lost some credibility as well as the near win over the lowly Minnesota Timberwolves cost the C’s to slip to #2 in my rankings. However, they still head their own conference and very well could earn homecourt advantage, minus any major injuries.


3. Phoenix Suns: Surprised? Maybe a little but the Suns are the hot team in the league for now. You forget this team has Steve Nash, Amare Stoudamire, and Jason Richardson. As well as a rejuivenated Grant Hill and an up-and-coming Channing Frye. Will they stay at three? Probably not, but this is Week Two.


4. Orlando Magic: I know the Magic are missing Rashard Lewis, Ryan Anderson and Vince Carter. But a team that brags of their outstanding depth should not be blown out by the Oklahoma City Thunder. Just Saying.


5. Denver Nuggets: a 5-2 start is very promising for Carmelo’s team. With J.R. Smith returning from his seven game suspension the Nuggets should click even better.


6. Dallas Mavericks: Despite a loss that never should have been in New Orleans, the return of Josh Howard has sparked the Mavs.

atl 7. Atlanta Hawks: The Ivy Leaguer’s Finals pick have had a decent week. Jamal Crawford provides a nice spark off the bench.


8. Miami Heat: have to put them here. I don’t know how the Heat are doing this well this early in the season, a season arguably just waiting to finish, but I will give the Heat credit, they are playing well.

cle9. Cleveland Cavaliers: the Cavs are still finding their way, losing to the Bulls on a subjective call, then blowing out the Knicks in MSG. At least the Cavaliers’ distraction in New York are done for the season.

por10. Portland Trailblazers: Yes the Blazers will be OK. A few close losses result in a little bit of panic. Hopefully the Blazers will come along soon and show their great potential.

Missing From Last Week:

sasSan Antonio Spurs although I have full faith in the Spurs’ sucess this season, the 2-3 record does not make the cut this week.


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