A Beautiful Sight


Every so often, something more magical than a unicorn can be witnessed gracing the court at NBA arenas. I’m talking about facial hair. This list comprises some of the most fantastic facial furniture ever to grace the game.

1. Stan Van Gundy-AKA Ron Jeremy, Van Gundy (above) proudly displays his cookie duster with tremendous enthusiasm. His mustache is that of legend and sends shockwaves as he enters an arena.


2. Phil Jackson-a tremendous coach who knows how to win in the Association, Jackson also sports some of the finest face fungus west of the Mississippi. It is so fantastic that he has landed a deal with KFC to be on the side of their buckets of chicken.


3. Gregg Popovich-the Spurs head-honcho, “Pops” leads his veteran team with a tremendous sense of stability. When not fronting the Spurs, Gregg enjoys working on the Harry Potter movies as Professor Dumbledore.

adammorrison4. Adam Morrison-while he has yet to find his footing in the Association, his soup strainer has more than elevated its play to professional standards.

paugasol5. Pau Gasol-his exploits on the Grizzlies and now the Lakers are well noted for those who follow the NBA. For those who may not be familiar with Mr. Gasol’s basketball gifts, you may recognize him from the Geico caveman commercials.


One Response to A Beautiful Sight

  1. […] or exactly why he is doing it … but I love it. As I think we all know, I am a big fan of facial hair. In addition to that, I am a huge fan of Shane Battier. So what could be better than the two […]

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