Observations on the Cleveland/Orlando Game


So the day has come, the Cavaliers and the Magic meet again. Both teams look different, Cleveland with Shaq, Orlando with Dwight Howard.

So now its gametime: The Champ the Franchise and a few other guys are around lets informally nickname them “Canada” “Varejao” and “CTHD” (Croucher Tiger Hidden Dragon).

1st Quarter:

8:08 Shaq wins the tip, Hickson is starting at the 4. Mo strokes the 18 foot J.

LeBron is unstoppable.

First matchup between Shaq/Howard, foul. Second ends in a missed field goal.

Shaq draws second foul on Dwight Howard in the third matchup. Howard sits, brilliant strategy for the Cavaliers.

Mo Williams 3-3 has scored 7 of the Cavs’ ten points.

Monster dunk for LeBron James. James draws the foul and completes the 3 point play.

17-12, Cavaliers lead.

Shaq around the back to James, CTHD chokes on his cake.

Varejao comes off the bench, finishes with a monster dunk, The Franchise stands and claps.

The Champ feels that Marcin Gortat is Z without an outisde shot.

Gibson hits a three, Cavs 34 Orlando 26

The Franchise notes that this is a very high scoring quarter for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

LeBron misses a shot near the first quarter buzzer, good quarter for the Cavs, they lead by seven.


Dwight Howard spent the majority of the quarter on the bench.

2nd Quarter:

3rd foul on Howard, this is trouble.

Howard draws the second foul on Shaq.

Williams drives to the basket and nets it. 53-40 Cavaliers.

LeBron has 17 points, the Cavs are up by 15.

Weird call here. Nelson pushes on James, yet its a call on James?

Sorry guys, uncalled for interuption, Cavs up 63-51.

LeBron hits the three at the buzzer to end the half. 66-51. Mo Williams 9-9. he’s just “playing basketball.”

CTHD says the Cavaliers are penetrating the Magic “in the mouth.” ok.


LeBron is making it look easy.

3rd Quarter:

Vince Carter brings the defecit to 13.

Anthony Parker for three, and again!

The Champ has never seen the Cavs shoot this well.

Howard draws the foul on Shaq.

Jeff Van Gundy loves Dwight Howard.

Vince Carter still has it.

Everyone really likes the “Twin Draft Guard” commercials.


Do they really work? The Franchise thinks so.

Bad, bad, bad no-call on LeBron with Howard.

Brandon Bass, scrub move.

Van Gundy is right, Cleveland is doing a great job double teaming Howard.

Orlando is just missing shots, plain and simple.

oh shoot, Jamario Moon really overshoots on a dunk, oh boy.

Quarter ends Cavs up 88-68.


"no i want the ball"

4th Quarter:

The Champ forgot how bad Stan Van Gundy’s voice sounded.

MO WILLIAMS again, 92-70 wow.

just saw the ending to Nets/Sixers, wow. thats pathetic.

One guy here keeps saying that Varejao is a pansy.

5:58 left…

Reddick ends his streak of 12 3 pointers missed in a row.

LeBron James hits a crazy shot for his 34th point

game over. 102-98 Cleveland win.

Impressive win for the Cavaliers.

not impressive live blogging for the paints dudes. sorry about that.


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