Some Paints Updates

Some of our more attentive readers might have noticed some updates and new items in the layout of “Paints in the Point.” Here’s a list, in case you missed some:

  1. The right-hand sidebar has been reorganized. Do you like the new order? Let us know!
  2. We’ve added three new items to the sidebar:
    1. Feed Me Paint: An RSS subscription link for our RSS feed, if you have one of those newfangled RSS Readers (well, maybe not so newfangled).
    2. Paints in Your Inbox: In addition to our feed, you can get a daily digest of “Paints in the Point” sent right to your inbox.
    3. Like Paints in a Pod: We’ve got a podcast. Subscribe to it in iTunes by clicking on this link. Then, tell your friends. And rate our podcast. And write a review.
  3. Speaking of the Paints in the Point Podcast, we’ve added a page chronicling the topics found within each episode.
  4. While listening to the Paints in the Point Podcast, you can jump to individual sections within the podcast by clicking the “»|” button on your mobile audio device. Each section (or “Chapter”) has an associated image that may be viewed in the iTunes window or on your mobile audio device. If you’re listening to the podcast in iTunes, you may notice that links will pop up occasionally over the picture. Click on these links to visit websites related to topics mentioned in the podcast.
  5. There’s now a page listing all the recurring series we’ve done and plan to do.

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