No Engine Brake

Even though Miami was the most rumored destination spot for Chris Bosh this offseason, with or without Mr. James, the news that he was definitely going to Miami is still a bit stunning.

Stunning probably isn’t the right word, its just a feeling that I never really thought this whole thing would work out this way, or at least this soon. Maybe its all the rumors that have been floating around now for what seems like two months. Every day some player is going somewhere that runs contrary to what was reported the previous day.

First, the big three were all meeting and likely heading to Miami to create a hole in the fabric of space. Then LeBron had second thoughts and questions arose about the actual cap space Miami holds. Then Chicago seemed a likely destination, for both LeBron and Bosh and then neither and then Wade. Then Amar’e signed with New York and started this chain reaction that is unraveling rapidly.

Even though this is huge news, Bosh and Wade signing with Miami, the focus still somehow shifts to LeBron. Where does he go now? He has that press conference in prime-time tomorrow night, will he bring his two friends with him? Does he choose the Knicks now that Amar’e is definitely there and Carmelo may follow next year (by the way, who plays center or power forward if Amar’e is slotted at the 5? Is it LeBron or Carmelo, or does LeBron shift to point guard?)? The Nets made a convincing argument when they met with LeBron an entire week ago, do they still have a shot? Maybe he joins Carlos Boozer in Chicago, or maybe Boozer returns to Cleveland.

Way too many questions concerning one guy when the two other big names have announced that they will challenge the rest of the teams in the East for the next 3-5 years. Plus, it will be hard for Carmelo to leave all that money Denver is offering on the table with the CBA up and the owners looking to cut costs in the near future.

This is way too much to consider, especially given the fact that we will all know the answer starting at 9 PM EST on ESPN. Or maybe LeBron is LOST and he wont really answer any questions, only pose more and answer those, making us feel like we understand more but not the main plot. Obviously, that isn’t likely. But, despite weeks of reports, speculation, rumors, whispers, whatever, we are nowhere closer to discovering his first choice than we were after the Cavaliers were eliminated by the Celtics.

(Also, if the big three were to join forces, my vote is for them to be referred to, at least in passing, as Earth, Wind, and Fire. Obviously, Wade is fire. Bosh is wind, because he can be strong for stretches but usually not enough to carry things. LeBron is Earth, because, well, he is a force.)

To sum up, this offseason is like a Rubik’s Cube. I hate Rubik’s Cubes.


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