Ballsy Claim of the Week

Well, Kevin Garnett sure is feeling audacious today. According to team owner Wyc Grousbeck, Garnett has guaranteed him championships not only in 2010, but also in 2011. Guaranteeing anything has certainly lost a bit of its splendor since Super Bowl III and the only thing it guarantees anymore is a minor headline such as this. Just take a nice little look at Mo Williams to see how well they often turn out.

What makes this even more crazy is the fact the Celtics three best players are 31, 33, and 33 and aren’t getting any better. While Rondo can certainly help them out, their bench isn’t strong enough to support those three all the way to a Championship two years in a row. I can’t imagine Kevin Garnett winning another title with the Celtics, but I won’t guarantee it.


2 Responses to Ballsy Claim of the Week

  1. The Franchise says:

    Slow down Garnett, it takes serious work to win one championship, much less two.

  2. […] with an aging roster and Kevin Garnett throwing out more guarantees than the guy in the Men’s Wearhouse commercials, the Celtics might have trouble bringing another championship to […]

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