Farewell and Return Soon

I would say Brandon Jennings being eliminated is a shame, but not in the grand scheme of things. Besides, Milwaukee may have been able to push Atlanta, but Orlando would feast on the lack of size that the Hawks refused to acknowledge. The Bucks without Bogut shouldn’t have even made this a series, but they did.

And can Atlanta beat Orlando? Well here are the reasons that they can: they are athletic. Thats is all I can come up with. They have enough athletic players to match up with everyone except Dwight and they don’t have Charlotte’s expendable center pieces to disturb Orlando’s rotation. They didn’t show up from games 3-5. They let Milwaukee in this series and should have lost.

It would be surprising if this series lasted long. Of course, Atlanta could actually show up and push Orlando to the brink, but they haven’t demonstrated enough fortitude to prove that they belong with the elite in the East. Then again, Orlando didn’t prove much in the Charlotte series other than they simply had more better players on their roster than the Bobcats.

Anyway, Brandon Jennings played great in the series even if at times he took too many shots or was too passive for chunks of games. It doesn’t matter, he led his still developing team to improbable victories without their main scoring threat in the post.

Please Atlanta, show up this time for the entire series. Orlando is way too good to mess around with. Even if you do attend each game, your odds aren’t all that good anyway.


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