Paints in the Point Updates

Hey faithful readers and listeners!

I just wanted to mention a few changes regarding “Paints in the Point”:

  • We now have two RSS feeds: one for everything, and one for just our podcast. This change should fix the issues that we have been having with iTunes periodically removing our older podcasts. As a result of this change, iTunes may have downloaded a second set of the first three episodes of our podcast to your computer. Use this opportunity to re-listen to them or something like that. If you have subscribed to our feed in order to receive everything, unfortunately, you will have to subscribe to a new feed, found here. We apologize for the inconvenience. Those who only want the podcast do not have to do anything to continue receiving the podcast.
  • We have updated our e-mail subscription option. If you’ve signed up for an e-mail subscription in the past, you will have to re-subscribe to continue getting new data. Once again, we’re sorry. If you haven’t signed up for an e-mail subscription yet, what are you waiting for? Get Paint in Your Inbox today!
  • We now have a phone number you can call! If you have any suggestions or ideas for the Paints Dudes to talk about in the Podcast or on the blog, please call (330) 863-8372. Better yet, save it in your phone and call us when you’re out and about, but suddenly think of a good question to ask us. Better still, steal one of your friends’ phones and program the number into their phone book.
  • You can text us questions for the podcast, too! Send a text message to 729669 starting with the phrase, “@paintsinthepoint” (no quotes), and you’ll send us a message to read during the podcast.
  • We have more stuff in our CafePress store! By popular demand, we now have more items in our store. Check it out!
  • If you’re gonna buy stuff from Amazon, do so through us. If you plan on buying anything from Amazon, do so using this link. It helps defray web hosting costs for us and helps keep great content on the web.

And as always, let us know if you have any questions or comments by e-mailing us directly, leaving a comment on a post of ours, calling us, or texting us. Have a great day!

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