I’m Also Excited

He continues to fail to disappoint. John Wall, that is.

They say he is better than both Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans at this stage of their careers (the reigning rookie of the year and the soon-to-be rookie of the year). How can that not be exciting?

He is the single best prospect in all of college right now (I like Evan Turner, but you can have him). His explosiveness is unbelievable, coupled with his quickness and unexpected shooting ability, he is at times unstoppable. He can take a game over for stretches of time that feel like an eternity to opponents.

Yet he still remains unselfish, displaying more passing prowess than Derrick Rose dreamed of while a freshman at Memphis. And really, who wouldn’t want to give the ball to Cousins or Bledsoe or Patterson? And all prevailing wisdom suggests that you always take the big man over a point guard when constructing a NBA team, yet hardly anyone has suggested doing so.

And how about his defense? His physical tools would indicate he could play solid defense, but a lot of players have the physical tools. Wall seems intent on playing actual good defense on his man. His wingspan is disruptive, his quickness at times impenetrable. His leaping ability makes him a threat to thwart any shot attempt and it is an easy bucket if he gets a steal.

He is a 6′ 4″ point guard with blistering speed, an adequate jump shot, clever passing tendencies, the ability to blanket his opponent on defense, and the hops to jump out of the gym. What isn’t to like?

Whoever gets the first pick in next year’s draft will undoubtedly select John Wall (I feel obligated to use both first and last names). Even if Utah lands the first pick by way of New York, they would have to pick him or offer up the pick for an incredible sum of players/picks/cash. And Deron Williams is a top 5 point guard in the NBA right now, but I would still take Wall for the potential to be a top 5 player overall. I mean, he is in the LeBron or Dwight Howard category in terms of potential.

And that is the other aspect of this whole Kentucky thing: John Wall hasn’t scratched the surface of what he could be. It is incredible that a player like Wall, who can dominate the ball if he desired, plays within the system so well. His jump shot can only get better, meaning defenses will struggle to contain him at any point in time. His vision will improve with more experience, and if he lands in New Jersey it would be easy to spot Lopez sitting under the basket. I think it is obvious at this point, but I am excited about the future of John Wall.


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