Observations on the Cleveland-Miami Game


Dwyane Wade and LeBron James both look to prove something tonight.

“TNT has the best games” – The Franchise

The Champ and The Franchise are the only two guys watching the game so far tonight, should be a good time.

***on a side note*** The Champ and The Franchise hate the firing of Byron Scott. hate.

Charles Barkely is our favorite commentator by far.

The Franchise wants Hickson in the lineup, he is.

The Champ wants to see Delonte, he remains to be seen.

1st Quarter:

Easy bucket for Shaq over Beasely and Jermaine O’Neal.

LeBron misses a shot as the score is 7-4, Shaq scores again.

ah! no Delonte. Craig Sager reports. Can’t meet “base level of accountability”

nice move J.J. Hickson.

D. Wade too easy, Cavs 13 Miami 8.

Michael Jordan-Pat Riley. we bow to greatness.

Two quick offensive fouls, Cavs 15 Heat 12.

LeBron burns Jermaine O’Neal, passes to Shaq, misses but is fouled by Quentin Richardson.

LeBron heads to the line. Q-Rich was really shaken up by Shaq, he’s got an ice pack.

Dwayne Wade POSTERIZES Anderson Varejao!!!!!!!!!! wow, LeBron was fouled though.

The Franchise wants more toughness from the Cavs, Varejao and D-Wade are getting into it now.

We didn’t know that Varejao could speak English.

anderson varejao1

Varejao is still in pain, from the poster dunk.

Jamario Moon takes the Alley-Oop from James and dunks it.

LeBron: driving layup and draws the foul.

TOMAHAWK DUNK by LeBron James, this is pure entertainment folks.

Dwayne Wade: 3 pointer in LeBron’s face.

4 seconds in the quarter.

AAAH! LeBron drives and scores at the buzzer.



D-Wade was electric in the first quarter.

2nd Quarter:

Jamario Moon and Carlos Arroyo trade buckets.

Carlos Arroyo? really.

Daniel Gibson nice rebound.

Cavs are not taking good shots with LeBron off the court.

Heat are looking tough – The Franchise.

Daequan Cook has been really cold in his minutes.

Mo Williams, two quick three pointers, increase the lead by 6.

Lenny Kravitz is here, so is Warren Sapp, Joey Porter and Penny Hardaway, and SCOTTIE PIPPEN! ah!

Cleveland 50 Miami 47.

Reggie Miller respects Michael Jordan. a lot.

Akron Beacon Journal quote: represent.

Beasley long jumper.

Bad foul by JJ Hickson. LeBron is here to teach him the way.

Dunk by LeBron James, and another good layup for LeBron.

59 Cleveland 54 Miami.

End of the 1st Half.

Miami down by five, 62-57 Cleveland. LeBron’s got 19, D-Wade’s got 16.


Jamario Moon has actually been playing great defense on his old teammate D-Wade

3rd Quarter:

Mario Chalmers burns Mo Williams for the layup.

Chalmers to Beasley alley-oop.

Just as the Franchise claims “LeBron is going to have to take over”  LeBron hits a three.

Hickson outside jumper?! cool.

84-76 Cleveland. Mo Williams and JJ Hickson are stepping it up.

Chalmers hits a three to put it within five.

JJ Hickson, alley-oop!

Weak shot by Daniel Gibson, weak shot.

LeBron James can sure drive to the lane and score.

end of the third quarter Cavs up 92-84.


Beasley has actually been playing good tonight.

4th Quarter:

Cavs up by 10 now, 94-84.

JJ Hickson has 18 points, yeah.

Heat are on a dry spell, Cavs are taking advantage, up by 11.

The Cavs cannot leave Haslem open, he hits a jumper.

Mo Williams makes his own shot.

Jamario Moon is playing his best game so far as well, as he records a super block as he hits it off Beasley to get the ball back.

LeBron wanted the high screen, couldnt get it, results in a turnover.

D-Wade brings the defecit to eight, timeout on the floor.

The Mike Singeltary commercial for Motorola phone is on!


we love this guy

Cavs have 100 points now. LeBron hits his second free throw too.

Cleveland ball?! good effort from JJ Hickson nonetheless.

Interesting Jump Ball.

D-Wade again, time for LeBron to step up.

Wade misses, Cleveland regains possession 4:15 left.

103-96 Cleveland, cavs turnover the ball.

Foul called on Mario Chalmers.

Wade burns Parker, shoots over Z. Parker needs to play better D.

LeBron James for 3! he’s into it.

106-99 Cavs are up.

LeBron drives to the lane draws the foul from Jermaine O’Neal.

LeBron drives to the lane (again) and draws another foul.

Mike Brown is getting into it Josh McDaniels style.

Cavs up 109-99, oh wait Beasley puts up a three.

the Cavs are back, we were previously directed to the Lakers/Suns game, a good game but nevertheless, we want the Cavs.

Cle 111 Mia 104

JJ Hickson: big surpise.

The game is over. CLEVELAND 111 MIAMI 104.


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