When They Were President: The Prologue

We at Paints In The Point have decided to embark upon a journey to the future where basketball figures have become president, all of them. This, I guess, would be considered a series, but with our tendency to forego finishing some series I hesitate to broach that category. However, the intention remains the same.

We, I presume all of the Paints Dudes will be involved at one point or another, will tell of tales from the Presidential terms of everyone from LeBron James to Larry Brown to Stephon Marbury. We may also have take the liberty of having multiple presidencies in the same time span, so what? Not everyone is going to be alive in 2084, so we will have to have everyone in well before that.

This topic will be discussed not only on this website but we will also be discussing it from time to time on the podcast. Hopefully these will be coming out frequently, but as busy men, nothing is guaranteed.


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