Circling Thunderstorms

I don’t understand this Amar’e deal. I just don’t get it.

Is he a great player? Sometimes, and certainly in the second half of last season. And he certainly is an exciting player. But right now, he is just an upgrade over David Lee, and not rebound-wise.

They overpaid a lot for Amar’e, who finally made it through a season without injury (I know he has done it before, but it seems like an accomplishment now).

Unless, of course, Amar’e is the harbinger of basketball gods and can lure the others to the Big Apple. Then again, he may have crossed the gods by leaving Steve Nash in the desert to deal with Hakim Warrick and Channing Frye.

Because, really, this move has nothing to do with Amar’e. This was the setup to the punchline. If this can land a LeBron, or Wade, or Anthony next year (or some weird and unpredictable trade this year), then this is the cheapest $100 million ever spent.

The benefits of Amar’e, besides trying to capture another beast of the hardwood, are obvious. He is powerful (when he wants to be), has developed his jumpshot, and is willing to buy into a system. However, he doesn’t really grasp the necessity of defense and rebounds are a luxury he doesn’t feel the need to have.

We are so quick to connect the dots, especially concerning this offseason. However, this does leave Wade with only Bosh to try to reel in for Miami before he is left with Boozer. And, this probably isn’t enough to lure LeBron from his other suitors who have just as much to offer, or try to offer through the majesty that is the sign-and-trade.

And Chris Bosh looks more and more self-centered with every report, something most of us thought (at least I did) that he didn’t have in common with Amar’e, who left a better situation for better money and attention. Bosh doesn’t want to go somewhere, at least it is reported, without his extra year and $30 million. And one team that is willing to offer such a deal and Toronto is willing to deal with is Cleveland, and that isn’t quite the market size that Bosh wants to deal with.

I don’t understand this thought process. I grant you that New York, Chicago, Miami, and even LA (the Clippers of course) have more immediate media connections, but I always thought you wanted headlines in May and June, not July and August.

If he goes to the best team situation, whether that be with Wade in Miami or LeBron anywhere, or even to Houston to join the Rockets, he will get the proper attention. Although, when he didn’t get the votes to put him in the All-Star game over a weakened Kevin Garnett despite averaging far superior stats, I guess I would be concerned with market size as well.


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