Globetrotting with the Globetrotters: Episode 4

“Globetrotting with the Globetrotters” is a tale of two black men traveling the world, using their unique combination of acting and basketball skills in attempt to win the race and the million dollar prize. Will they flatten the competition like they flatten the Washington Generals game after game? Will they survive until the next episode? Read and find out!

Previously on The Amazing Race: The recap of the last episode focused on the team who lost their passports last week, pushing them from first to last and out of the race.

The teams start in Phenom Penh, Cambodia, with Flight Time and Big Easy departing two minutes behind the leaders.

Opening their clue, teams are instructed to fly to Persian Gulf and “find the world’s tallest building.” Some teams (including the Globetrotters) don’t know what the tallest building is (the Burj Dubai). The Globetrotters go to an internet café to figure out the details.

Big Easy: “We’re one of the strongest teams in the race. I’m from New Orleans, I’ve been through hurricanes, and we’re going to do it tough.”

The teams end up all on the same flight, via Bangkok. The clue indicates that they have to go to a fountain and they arrive in 7th place and are in the second group to go up the elevator to the 124th floor. Their scheduled time is at 5:45 AM, 15 minutes behind the lead group. One of the girls starts to cry, fearing that they might have to jump off the building. The Globetrotters start to trash talk, but the clue is up on the platform. Teams are instructed to go to a parking structure and drive themselves to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

A team gets lost trying to find the cars, and the Globetrotters leave in 6th place. Upon arriving at the desert club, they have to take a 4×4 shuttle to the Roadblock, which tests “who can beat the desert heat.” Teams have to find water in the desert, stored in urns that are buried in the sand. Not all of the urns water, so the challenge is sort of a “needle in the haystack” challenge.

Flight Time remarks that Big Easy (who decided to do this Roadblock) “walked through Hurricane Katrina, he can take this.”

Big Easy: “Being from New Orleans, I used to run from the water, but now I’m looking for it.”

After completing the challenge, they need to go back to the city to Ski Dubai, an indoor ski resort. Teams have to build a snow man or find a snow man. They can build a snowman outdoors, using the snow found inside, or they can find a tiny snowman figurine in a large pile of snow.

The Globetrotters choose to find the snowman figurine. Flight Time remarks, “There ain’t no snow in New Orleans, how are you sweatin’ in the snow?” To which Big Easy replies, “workin’ hard baby.”

Flight Time and Big Easy are one of the first teams to find the snowman, and are instructed to go to the Souk Madinat Jumeirah, a hotel in the older part of Dubai. The Globetrotters waltz in, and the “Nutcracker Suite” plays as they check in third place.

Will the Globetrotters continue trotting the globe? Find out next week on “Globetrotting with the Globetrotters!”


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