Observations on the Boston/San Antonio Game

Two Future HOF's Right Here.

The Champ gives his thoughts on the game on a restful Thursday evening.

1st Half:

nbaplayoffs19800427sixerscelticsg5x.jpg Pete Maravich (Boston Celtics) image by nbacardDOTnet

Just thought we’d start off with an inspirational quote from a great player.

Boston puts up eight unanswered points to lead 10-4.

The Champ thinks the Spurs need this win more than the Celts.

Hey remember this?

Richard Jefferson is called for the travel on a fast break. Good call from the refs. I bet the Nets would want him now.

So Rajon Rondo thinks he can beat my man Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans in a race? No way, I don’t even know where Rondo gets these ideas. Sure the NBA is based on quickness, and Rondo is a quick player, but I don’t think he understands how much speed plays into the game of professional football.

Kevin Garnett is really good. The man plays with passion, any person who contends there is no heart in professional basketball hasn’t seen Garnett play. When football players and baseball players win Super Bowls and World Series they pop champagne and celebrate. Basketball players openly weep, don’t give me there’s no heart.

Tony Parker to Richard Jefferson what a pass!

Rasheed Wallace leads the league in technicals, what a surprise.

Reggie Miller on AI: contrite, thoughtful, and thankful.

I love the Ginobili/Allen matchup, two great number 20s.

Michael Finley had a beautiful move to the basket.

Garnett makes a shot to lead 34-29.

Ginobili behind the back and scores! SA still down by ten.

The Paints Dudes must attend to other matters, sorry readers but we hope you enjoy our first half analysis.


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