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The Jamison deal is done, apparently.

The Cavaliers have made a deal that will bring in Antawn Jamison and Sebastian Telfair, the Clippers will receive Drew Gooden, and the Washington Wizards will get Al Thorton, Z from the Cavs and the Cavs’ first round pick. The common assumption is that the Wizards will release Z and he will resign with the Cavs a month from now.

I hope to have more thoughts on this move later,  possibly tomorrow, but who knows?

Jamison was the Cavs’ original choice, dating back a few years now, and this move saves JJ Hickson from departing from Cleveland, the ideal choice for GM Danny Ferry. He is the stretch forward that the Cavs have wanted, inspiring the whole Amar’e discussions (who is now seemingly stuck with Miami as a landing destination).

He can space the floor with a good jumpshot and has a few interior moves. And that’s what he does: he plays offense. He isn’t a commited defender every minute that he is on the floor. The Cavs win based on good to great defense and LeBron being superior to his opponents. How will Jamison fit in with that mentality? He is a professional in every sense of the word, so the prevailing thought is that he will immediately buy into the system and I have no doubt that he will. However, is he enough to put the Cavaliers over the hump? Can they effectively match up with the Lakers, Magic, Celtics, and Hawks?

Oh, this upcoming podcast is going to be good.


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