The Bottom Line

ESPN has re-introduced an updated version of their BottomLine (shown above), which features smoother motion, new introductions to each sport, additional colors, and other cool features. Originally introduced April 6, 2009 in conjunction with the launch of SportsCenter Los Angeles, the newer version of the BottomLine was removed after technical difficulties shortly thereafter. It has since returned, and it looks quite nice.

So, how does this relate to Paints in the Point?

Here’s the Bottom Line with our blog: we appreciate feedback. While verbal appreciation is appreciated, we’d like to see more written comments on our posts. So, if you’re reading a post, feel free to click that “Leave a Comment” link. If you think something sucked, let us know. If you like a certain type of article, let us know. As we’ve said before, “we aim to please.”

More communication allows for a better blog. Call it “Paints in the Point 2.0” if you want. Or not. It’s up to you.


One Response to The Bottom Line

  1. dan davis says:

    yeah, hey paints dudes, this blog sucks. i wouldn’t of said nothin but you says to let you know above so i did. other than that, sweet site though. you guys should do more blogs on football

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