Observations on the Miami/Washington Game


Setting: the Franchise and the Champ are watching an ESPN double header with the first game being the Miami Heat at the Washington Wizards.

1st Quarter:

  • Dwayne Wade is abusing Randy Foye.
  • D-Wade so far is winning the hyped matchup with Gilbert Arenas.
  • The Franchise is calling for Washington to step up on their home court, MIA 19 WAS 6.
  • Q-Rich has scored on consecutive possesions.
  • The Champ misses Jamison’s prescense.
  • 6 Turnovers for WAS equates to 6 MIA points.
  • Arenas reaches the line again, hits both, he now has 8 points.
  • Carlos Arroyo, who had just entered the game only a couple minutes ago, now has 3 fouls.

The Michael Jordan shoe commercial is awesome. Carmelo, Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade and Derek Jeter,


2nd Quarter:

  • The Franchise thinks the Wizards will bounce back.
  • Great tip in by Anthony for the Heat.
  • The Champ and the Franchise revel at Mike Miller’s ponytail.
  • Caron Butler just said a bad word according to the Franchise.

The Champ and the Franchise both really enjoy the Freecreditreport.com commercials.


  • Butler scores over his teammate to bring the difference to one point.
  • But then D-Wade hits a three!
  • Mike Miller misses a wide open three.
  • D-Wade hits it to bring his scoring total to 19 in the first half.
  • “Hand Down, Man Down,” great commentary ESPN.
  • Q-Rich hits a three, Miami is up by ten, make that seven Arenas hits a three.

MIAMI 50, WASHINGTON 41 Halftime.

3rd Quarter:

  • The Franchise switched the channel to a Big East preview on ESPN U, the Champ patiently awaits in the dark for the return of the NBA.
  • NBA is back. Brendan Haywood had a monster rebound and a bucket. 
  • The Franchise is going for the “Oberto Look.”
  • Beasley hit a long two, Franchise gives sage advice to “talk wit your game.”
  • Washington takes the league, there is a timeout….and we are back to the Big East preview.
  • DeShawn Stevenson has missed two threes in a row, filling in for the injured Mike Miller.
  • Tough bucket for Gilbert Arenas, too bad that D-Wade and Gilbert are not guarding each other.
  • “Arenas is putting on a clinic” – The Franchise
  • Offensive foul on Caron Butler, and the Wizards are an ugly team.
  • We agree with ESPN when talking about how the Wizards will most likely be the Most Improved team in the league.
  • Two players in this game have clicked.
  • Gilbert Arenas goes deep! and misses…oh well. Tie Game



4th Quarter:

  • Sam Cassel Sighting 9:11 PM Eastern Standard Time
  • Close game WAS 79, MIA 77
  • Q-Rich hits his 5th three of the night, Wade hits 37 points.
  • 2:22 to go and the score is tied! Excitement abounds!
  • Both teams have 16 turnovers.
  • Gilbert Arenas! at the shot clock buzzer! Wizards take the lead!
  • Jermaine O’Neal finally hits a shot and ties it at 89, 1:00 left.
  • Butler blocked from behind, No foul! Horrid turnover for Mario Chalmers.
  • DeShawn Stevenson is a scrub, misses both freethrows.
  • D-Wade 39 Points! So Clutch!
  • So Clutch! over DeShawn Stevenson. Shows no Emotion.
  • “Hand Down, Man Down” again ESPN, great job.
  • Wheres Michael Beasley been in the fourth quarter? says the Champ.
  • No Way thats not clean! Gilbert Arenas looks shook up as he was denied a shot attempt.
  • Wade at the line. Misses the first attempt.
  • Makes the second, 3 point game. Wade fails to essentially end the game by making the DIFF +4.
  • WHAT WAS THAT?!???
  • Gilbert Arenas looked to make the shot, instead looked to kick it out to Brendan Haywood?!?!?!!?!
  • matt is here.
  • WTF
  • WTF
  • WTF
  • We are so confused by the ending of this game. So confused.



Dwayne Wade: 40 points, 5 points, 4 rebounds, 2 blocks, 1 steal.


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