Season Preview: Philadelphia 76ers


A Little History:

The Philadelphia 76ers have roots to the beginning of the NBA with the Syracuse Nationals.That team featured Hall of Famer Dolph Schayes and won a NBA title in the 50’s, but it was not until the team relocated to Philadelphia in the 60’s after the city lost the Warriors to the San Francisco. They won a title in 1967 with Wilt Chamberlain anchoring an team that featured players like Hal Greer and Billy Cunningham. Of course the team only won once in that era primarily because of the Boston Celtics dominance.

In the 70’s the team went through that 9-73 season in 72 and nothing went right to the ABA folded and a young Julius Erving brought his high flying acts to the world stage. After getting defeated at the cusp of a championship three times in seven years the team finally fulfilled their “We Owe You One” promise and Erving along with Moses Malone, Bobby Jones, former head coach Maurice Cheeks one their first and only ring.

Of course who could forget the Allen Iverson Era in Philly? Lets just say the man will never have to buy dinner in the City of Brotherly Love ever again.

So now that Iverson has been gone, and further gone, and even further gone, the team looks to stars like Andre Iguodala and Elton Brand to push Philly into the verge of contention.

2008-2009 Record: 41-41 (2 in pla-4yoffs, loss to Orlando) 6th Place Eastern Conference, 2nd Place Atlantic Division

Coach: Eddie Jordan


Projected Lineup:

PG :

Lou Williams: the loss of Andre Miller leaves a deep hole for Philly to fill, expect rookie first rounder Jrue Holliday to see decent time at this position as well.


Andre Iguodala: as I already expressed in my article on Kevin Martin when speaking on shooting guards, Iguodala is one of the rising stars in the league. The game winner against Orlando didn’t hurt either, it only proves that he is truly the new AI in Philly.


Thaddeus Young: the game winner against Orlando really boosts my opinion on Thaddeus Young. An average at best SF who will split time with the newly acquired Jason Kapono.


Elton Brand: If Elton Brand can stay healthy, IF Elton Brand can stay healthy, the 76ers could become a legitimate upset threat and in my opinion could contend in the Eastern Conference.


Samuel Dalembert: proved himself last year to be one of the few centers that could at least hold their own against Dwight Howard. A double-double threat almost nearly night and a valuable player.

Key Gains:

Jrue Holliday, a solid selection out of UCLA who is a scoring threat.

Jason Kapono, a career veteran sharpshooter and beneficial piece to any team.

Key Losses:

Andre Miller, although there was an overall feeling that his time in Philly had expired.

Key Quote:

I’m not really worried about none of that under-the-radar kind of stuff

-Maurice Speights, Sixers Forward


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