Beasts of Darkness and Free Agency

If there isn’t a Superteam created at this point, wont we all think this offseason was a disappointment?

A team with Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and LeBron James? Who doesn’t want to see that (except, of course, Cleveland fans and the rest of the league)?

Naturally, the rest of the team wont make any sense, but does it need to? The fate of Michael Beasley seems ill now. He is either packaged in a deal for some free agent (Bosh maybe?), or he remains on the team as a backup forward if this illogical team is constructed, or he may be traded to round out the team for a much-needed center or point.

He is really screwed, or maybe not. Maybe this would be the best thing for him. Naturally, Beasley seems like the type of player that will never be truly satisfied no matter what situation he is in (for instance, now, with Dwyane Wade who is a top three player in the league if not top), so it wouldn’t matter if he was playing on any team in any era.

Still, maybe he needs a change of scenery. Obviously, he is loaded with pure basketball talent, especially offensively. But, in the Celtics series, he played solid defense on KG (albeit a slightly worn KG), all but stifling him.

And its harder to find a role on an offense with a superstar scorer like Wade than he is given credit for. For a majority of the game, Wade controls the ball and offense alike and is more than capable of taking over a game (you remember that playoff game against the Celtics, right?). Unless you are a spot up shooter, its hard to get your points in the flow of that offense, especially Miami’s.

Beasley has the offensive skills that would come from a first option, but he isn’t that good that would dictate an offense be run through him. Its hard for him to find his spots during games, and when he does get it going he has to defer to Wade in critical spots.

Maybe a change of venue is needed. If he is traded to Toronto, why couldn’t he be the main offensive weapon for long stretches in a game? Mental issues aside, this guy can ball. Inconsistency may be his greatest villain at this point. Sure, he is a little undersized for a power forward and a little too sloth for a three, but he knows how to put the ball in the basket.

And we may joke that he is an inflated Delonte West, but the comparison seems more apt as we learn more about them. Yes, the physical features may be striking, but their mental status is almost always unknown and their play, like their moods, are not always consistent (although, I speak from a place of ignorance, how are we to know how they feel game to game?).

You either root for troubled players or simply don’t care enough to work up any stress. I root for them. I want to see those Beasley explosions to the rim with hops that nobody can really diagnose, huge afro blowing in the wind tunnel his jump created. I want those turnaround 20-footers from the southpaw in the face of a man who probably thought Beasley didn’t care enough to try the move.

That is another weapon he has, his appearance. Beasley rarely looks like he is engaged in the game. He is like the opposite of Kendrick Perkins, who has a permanent look like someone just through sand down his shorts. If we only judged him on how he looked, he could care less about whatever he is doing. So we do, and he is marked as uncaring or lazy, which is stupid. However, it doesn’t help that he has a tendency to flat not show up for games (I mean his game, not his physical attendance).

Coming out of college, which he now says he wishes he never left, Beasley was the talented big man who was an offensive force with questionable desire. That still rings true, unfortunately. He has fallen so far that no team even bit at his bait during the draft, not for anything but cap space.

I wish I could believe that Beasley will still prove all these doubters wrong, that he was worth the second pick in the 2008 draft, just behind Derrick Rose. It’s hard to keep pushing through the past two seasons of average play from a player with stud potential. Maybe he will have a Billups rebirth, emerge from his murky play and fill out some of his potential. That seems a bit too much to hope for at this point.

Anyway, that seemed a bit away from this mega team of death that I was going to write about. Something about how LeBron James is really, sort of, kinda responsible for the current roster in Cleveland, Chris Bosh still gets no respect and he seems okay with it, and how it will always be Wade’s team no matter what stats say. Maybe later.


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  1. Fixie1313 says:

    I’m seeing a LOT more fixed gear bikes around here. Example, I just went to a Matt and Kim show (they suck btw) and there had to be at least 10 fixies parked outside.

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