Globetrotting with the Globetrotters: Episode 5

“Globetrotting with the Globetrotters” is a tale of two black men traveling the world, using their unique combination of acting and basketball skills in attempt to win the race and the million dollar prize. Will they flatten the competition like they flatten the Washington Generals game after game? Will they survive until the next episode? Read and find out!

Previously on The Amazing Race: The Globetrotters were offering up help, or as one team said, “Those Globetrotters, they helped us out.”

Host Phil Keoghan, on the city of Dubai: “It’s hard to believe that this used to be a sand dune, but is now a bustling city.”

Departing two hours and twenty-five minutes after the leaders, the third-place Flight Time and Big Easy are instructed to choose a briefcase and travel by taxi to Dubai Creek and Yacht Club. As they ride in the taxi, there is some more “Sweet Georgia Brown” playing in the background. They are taken to wrong location. It’s really hot: “We can’t even stop to drink water. We should drink our sweat.”

Other teams don’t like the Globetrotters: “We’re sick of them doing well. We really want them out of here.”

Upon arriving at the Roadblock, they find out that one team member must paddle an inflatable dinghy to a yacht, and get a watch, which they must use to open the suitcase. The secret? The time on the watch is the code to open the suitcase.

One of the other teams, about the Globetrotters’ chances of successfully completing the Roadblock: “Can you imagine Big Easy? He’ll sink it.”

Another rendition of Sweet Georgia Brown plays as Big Easy crosses the water. He’s having trouble with the dinghy and couldn’t use the paddles properly:

He gives up with the paddles, and uses his gigantic hands to paddle. They're probably more effective than the miniature paddles.

Big Easy's pants problem

About the picture above:

Flight Time: “Do it for the hood! Pull up your pants!”

Big Easy: “I’m from the hood, remember?”

One of the other teams, about the dinghy challenge: “To see the Globetrotters struggle, that was great.”

Many teams passed them in the process of Big Easy trying to solve the clue, putting the Globetrotters in last place.

Big Easy vs. the impenetrable briefcase

Big Easy finally solves the clue, leading him to quip, “The hood say, ‘What the hell is he doing? Read the watch, dummy!'”

Abra Station, take a water taxi in the Souk section of Dubai.

It’s apparently extremely hot, which is surprising since Dubai is located in a desert. Oh, wait, that isn’t surprising at all.

They arrive at the Detour, which forces them to choose between two materials that have been as long as mankind itself. “Gold” or “Glass.” In “Gold,” teams use a precision scale to weigh $500,000 in gold, according the current gold prices. The catch is that the price is constantly changing. In “Glass,” teams assemble 12 hookahs from lots of parts contained in a large box.

The Globetrotters choose to do the hookah assembly challenge, but switch to “Gold” when they see other teams struggling to assemble the hookahs.

At the gold shop, the Globetrotters attempt to do math. So, what music does the editor decide to play? You guessed it, “Sweet Georgia Brown.” They, unlike the other teams, think to borrow a calculator from another gold shop.

Flight Time: “They think these dumb athletes don’t know how to do mathematics, but we showed ’em.”

Teams need to go to the Atlantis, The Palm resort, where they have to take a six-story plunge at a nearly ninety-degree angle through an aquarium filled with sharks.

Flight Time and Big Easy arrive at the water slide, but since only one team could perform the task at a time, the team ahead of them had two minutes to complete the task, or else they have to step aside and let the team behind them do the task. So, what would any self-respecting team of basketball players do in this situation? Trash talk the team ahead of them, of course! They psyche out the team ahead of them who were afraid of water, and pass them at the water slide.

The other team: “I thought you were decent, Big Easy.”

After sliding down the water slide, they have to search the grounds of the resort for the Dolphin Bay Beach, the pit stop for this leg of The Amazing Race.

Flight Time holds his nose while zipping down the slide, just as he learned in his elementary school swim classes.

Big Easy: taking care of business

The team that couldn’t do the water slide challenge is eliminated. Flight Time and Big Easy survive the leg and move on.

Coming up next week: the Globetrotters dance in ridiculous costumes.

Will the Globetrotters continue trotting the globe? Find out next week on “Globetrotting with the Globetrotters!”


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