An April Fools’ Letter to Our Readers

Dear Readers of Paints in the Point,

We admit, we love basketball.

However, we’ve found that “Paints in the Point” has not been meeting our expectations for traffic in the slightly over nine months we’ve been live. Therefore, we’re announcing a shift in focus in content found at this website. We are pleased to announce…

Ponies in the Point

Your online source for pony and horse news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From My Little Pony to video games about ponies to the Kentucky Derby, Ponies in the Point has it all! We’ll frequently feature funny videos and photos, like this one:

A dog riding a pony! Did that just blow your mind?

We’ll be updating our domain name soon to, but not until after our current domain name registration expires. For now, keep coming to for the grandest horse and pony show you have ever seen.

Now, some of our most loyal fans might have some questions about the move, so we’ve assembled a short list, below:

Q: What about the podcast?

A: The podcast hasn’t died yet, though it has taken a brief hiatus as we retool the format to revolve around the equestrian arts. Wildcard Time will remain the same, but most theme songs will be updated to reflect our new perspective.

Q: Will you adopt new nicknames?

A: New names are still being tested on focus groups, but as soon as the names are finalized, we will update the e-mail addresses and URLs to reflect the new name.

Q: Why the switch?

The basketball blog market has significant barriers of entry, considering the strength of other sites in the market. Horse and pony blogs are few and far between, allowing our blog to forge strategic partnerships with feed retailers and breeders.

Q: Is this decision final?

A: We’re running with this idea at full steam. We have a lot of great ideas in the pipeline that we can’t wait to show our viewers. However, we will be mindful of our current faithful viewers and their needs. Hopefully, some of our viewers share a passion for both basketball and ponies and follow us as we transition to the new name, look and feel.

Thanks for your patience, and we look forward to continuing to bring you some of the best content available online.


The Paints Dudes

The Champ, The Custodian, The Franchise, The Freelancer, The Ivy Leaguer, The Octagon


2 Responses to An April Fools’ Letter to Our Readers

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