Chris Paul: the Savior in Shorts


If the basketball gods were to build the perfect point-guard, it would be Chris Paul. With a crossover every bit as deadly as the Answer’s, fast enough to blow by anyone with enough courage to step in front of him, implausible vision allowing him to find the open man anywhere on the court, and the scoring aptitude of a top 10 scorer, CP3 is one of the most complete players in the association.

His averages in the most recent season are beyond phenomenal. Averaging 22.8 PPG, enough for a top 10 finish, 11.0 APG, good enough for number 1 in the entire league, and 5.5 RPG, stellar numbers for a guard, Paul is more than dangerous with the rock in his hands. He was also first in the entire league with 2.77 steals per game.

Paul does everything his team needs him to do, and then some. He leads the pack of very good young point-guards like Deron Williams, Devin Harris, and Derrick Rose as the wave of future team leaders sweeps through the Association. Paul has been named Rookie of the Year, to the All-Star team twice, to the All-NBA first team defensive team and the All-NBA first team.

Mr. Double-Double was ranked third in the NBA with 50 Double-Doubles. He was also recorded 6 Triple-Doubles. A Triple-Double is one of the most difficult things to do in sports, if you are 6’8” 260 lbs. LeBron James. Chris Paul stands at 6’ and weighs a whopping 175 lbs.

One of the most efficient players to lace up the sneakers, CP3 has rapidly risen through the ranks of the NBA, already considered a top 10 player and its best point-guard. He has effectively and efficiently grabbed the reigns from the likes of Steve Nash and Jason Kidd and is driving the position into the next decade.


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