Observations on the Orlando/Atlanta Game

November 26, 2009

Yeah, we’re back.

The Champ sits here in his home writing this in anticipation of tonight’s game. The Octagon is now here, good to see him. We’re still waiting on the arrival of The Franchise, and The Custodian is MIA.

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Season Preview: Atlanta Hawks

October 15, 2009

atlanta hawks 1

The Atlanta Hawks have a rich history with the NBA and the NBL. In 1946, as a member of the National Basketball League, the franchise began. However, at this point in time they were known as the Buffalo Bisons. This name only lasted a short while; it was changed to the Tri-Cities Blackhawks within their first season. The franchise has continued with the ornithological naming scheme ever since. In 1951 they became the Milwaukee Hawks. In 1955 they moved to St. Louis. It seems that the Hawks attempted to emulate their mascot with such frequent migrations, and they found their home in 1968 when they were relocated to Atlanta.

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