Season Preview: Los Angeles Clippers

September 29, 2009
Good question.

Good question.


The Los Angeles Clippers (and its predecessors) have sucked for a long time. The End.

With 55 characters to spare, that tweet could accurately sum up the entire franchise history of the Los Angeles Clippers better than I’ll be able to in the few paragraphs that follow.

The Buffalo Braves sucked. The San Diego Clippers sucked. Now the Los Angeles Clippers suck. The End.

That’s 39 characters to spare.

With only seven winning seasons as a NBA franchise in the thirty-nine seasons of existence, the Los Angeles Clippers define “suck.” The End.


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The Mystique of The Association

June 1, 2009

NBAFor all intents and purposes, the National Basketball Association is still a relitively youthful organization. A series of mergers created the NBA we know today, but before the consolidation, professional basketball and its niggardly organization prevented fans and even some players from gaining full exposure to the sport. The modern NBA was the corollary of the 1976 merger between the freewheeling American Basketball Association (ABA) and the stalwart National Basketball Association (NBA). Seeking to expand, the NBA all but absorbed the entire ABA in 1976. The New York Nets, Denver Nuggets, San Antonio Spurs, and Indiana Pacers all became NBA teams following the merger. In addition, the NBA adopted the ABA’s three-point field goal and expanded on the Slam-Dunk contest pioneered by the ABA. Read the rest of this entry »