Season Preview: San Antonio Spurs

October 21, 2009

Team History:

The Spurs have a long and illustrious history dating back to the ABA, unapologetic Afros, short shorts, and a style of playing basketball built to purely entertain. This is of course in reference to George Gervin and his gorgeous finger roll that has since inspired a new generation of flair, much like Kareem’s sky hook or Dr. J’s gliding through the air. Read the rest of this entry »


You Ain’t Ready For War

July 29, 2009


How could I have missed the remarkable similarities through my surveying of the Association? While I have admired and respected the overall amazing scoring aptitude of Kevin Durant, I’ve yet to see the correspondence to another of the great players in the game: LeBron James.

These two stars of the game represent a sort of crooked parallel, both earning praise for their offensive competence, but they go about dominance in entirely different manners. This is partly inspired by the recent claims by an NBA source that Kevin Durant has the potential to be superior to LeBron James at the conclusion of his career. The validity of the claim is in question, but the similarities of the two are quite evident.

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