Observations on the Orlando/Atlanta Game

November 26, 2009

Yeah, we’re back.

The Champ sits here in his home writing this in anticipation of tonight’s game. The Octagon is now here, good to see him. We’re still waiting on the arrival of The Franchise, and The Custodian is MIA.

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Season Preview: Detroit Pistons

October 10, 2009
The Pistons combine luck and leprechauns in their playing style, or maybe it's just leprechauns?

The Pistons combine luck and leprechauns in their playing style, or maybe it's just leprechauns?


Founded in 1941 by Fred Zollner, owner of the Zollner Corporation, the Detroit Pistons were initially called the “Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons,” as we have previously covered on “Inside the Name.”

They joined the National Basketball League and quickly became a force in the league, going to the finals for four years in a row, winning two consecutive championships in 1944 and 1945, and posting an obscene .700 winning percentage in their seven years in the NBL.

Fort Wayne then transferred into the Basketball Association of America, going an abysmal 22-38 before the BAA and the NBL decided to merge, creating the NBA we know today. The Pistons strung together 14 consecutive playoff appearances from 1949 to 1963, but only appeared in the NBA Finals twice (in 1955 and 1956), losing both times. Due to some crazy playoffs formats in the infancy of the NBA, the Pistons had only five seasons of a record above .500. In 1957, the Pistons moved to Detroit.

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Varejao Opts Out

June 2, 2009

While a player opting out of their contract is generally not a very notable occurence, Anderson Varejao opting out of his contract in addition to rumours of Ben Wallace retiring cast an unfortunate shadow upon the Cavaliers franchise. Of course, Varejao issued a statement saying that he would prefer to stay in Cleveland and that’s to be expected and nothing may come of this except a minor raise for him as he certainly enjoyed his best season yet starting 42 games and reaching career highs in points, rebounds, and blocks. What makes this newsworthy is the timing, coming just two days after the Cavaliers’ defeat to the Magic. This, in addition to Wallace musing on retirement, shows signs of players abandoing what they may perceive to be a sinking ship. All of this pales in comparision in the upcoming speculation over the next year over whether LeBron will or won’t opt out next year and a lack of Varejao and/or Wallace may factor into his decision.